Our Process

  1. Excavation
    We dig out the area to correct depth and dispose of soil. Prepare and install necessary drainage.
  2. Edge Course
    The edge restraint is laid on a sturdy concrete foundation around the perimeter.
  3. Lining The Base
    A thick geotextile membrane is laid on the soil base to prevent the sub base mixing with the underlying layers. It can also prevent weed growth.
  4. Sub Base
    We supply and lay a suitable hardcore to give a solid base for the driveway.
  5. Laying Course
    We then spread, level and compact laying course sand, and screed to correct level.
  6. Block Laying
    Paving blocks are then laid in the customer’s choice of colour and pattern.
  7. Cut & Fill
    Next we measure and cut the final blocks to size and fill the joints.
  8. Jointing & Compaction
    Kiln-dried jointing sand is spread over the block surface and swept into joints using a soft brush and then compacted with a wacker plate.
  9. Completion
    Excess jointing sand can be swept off the surface and it is now ready to be used.