Roofline Restoration

The roofline area is the most exposed and vulnerable feature of any property. It is ravaged by all weathers and is susceptible to hazards such as blocked gutters which can cause timber fascias to rot quickly.

There is, thank goodness, an answer to this problem in the form of a permanent cure. Not only will it alleviate the worry of expensive replacement of rotten timbers, but also eliminate the need for repainting every few years.

By removing all the rotten timber fascia and bargeboard, you have the choice of either the direct fix 18mm Euroboard foam replacement or the 9mm capping board profile, which is affixed to a new timber substrate. Covering over rotten timber does lead to problems long-term, so have the installation fitted correctly from the beginning.

To finish the roofline replacement, choose between a foam soffit board or hollow alternative. Both give the desired finish as the installations highlight.

By replacing your roofline timber you will have strong, smart and extremely durable presentation.